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S Pumps
We can rebuild and remanufacture pump parts that would normally be considered in scrap condition.

We can save our customers costly replacements, and long lead down time by rebuilding as opposed to replacing major pump components such as:


Highly cavitated, corroded, damaged, Bronze, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Cast Steel, Monel parts are rebuilt using a special metal build up process.

We can also remanufacture new pump parts back to original equipment condition, to meet your budget and delivery requirements.

Flow Systems Logo, Welding Repair in Edison, NJ
We Rebuild & Re-Manufacture New Replacement Parts
Worn, Chipped, Cracked, Undersized, Mis-Matched, or Corroded.

Parts Built-Up and Reground to Original or revised Dimensions.

Superior Alloy Metal with Special Wear Resistant and Corrosion Resistant Qualities are used for Increased Wear Service.
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